BitcoinSV conference talks are online

Published on May 15, 2020 by nChainCrea

You can now listen to talks from the Blockchain for business conference that took place in Ljubljana (in March 2020)

Why we chose
Satoshi Vision?

Roman Puhek, CREA CEO & dr. Matej Trampuš, CREA CTO

Listen to CREA CEO Roman Puhek and CREA CTO dr. Matej Trampus share why they chose Satoshi Vision.


Enterprise solutions built on
BSV blockchain

Jimmy Nguyen, Bitcoin Association Founding President

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen presents the various applications that were already built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.


Why Bitcoin SV
for Enterprises

Steve Shadders, nChain CTO

nChain CTO Steve Shadders dives into the technical details of the Bitcoin SV and why should enterprises use and build on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.


Bitcoin SV
Genesis and Teranode

Daniel Connolly, Bitcoin SV Lead Developer

Daniel Connolly talks about the Bitcoin infrastructure, the three main reasons why the Genesis Upgrade is a major step forward for businesses and the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, and Teranode.


A Business-friendly Token System on BSV

Andrew Baxter, UK Managing Director for Tokenized

Andrew Baxter shares what the company is doing to make passing, storing, and authenticating data in relation to commercial activities easier and more efficient.


Online Gaming:
Building the Future on BSV

Matthew Dickson, Bitboss CEO and Founder

In this presentation, Bitboss CEO and Founder Matthew Dickson shares why they opted to use Bitcoin SV in their gaming platform.


Metanet and Overlay Networks:
Building a Better Internet with Bitcoin

Dr. Craig S. Wright, Bitcoin creator

Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig S. Wright discusses Metanet and Bitcoin-Layered Network, where layers are used to build infrastructure where nodes would be immutable.


Building Better Bitcoin Apps
with Handcash Connect

Rafael Seibane, HandCash CTO

HandCash CTO Rafael Seibane presents their newest project HandCash Connect that provides developers a fast and flexible way to build apps on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.


The Blockchain for Business
Panel Discussion

Bitcoin SV community thought leaders

After giving presentations, our Bitcoin SV community thought leaders Dr. Craig Wright, Matthew Dickson, dr. Matej Trampuš, Andrew Baxter, and Steve Shadders answer questions from the audience about Bitcoin SV and how can it bring their businesses to greater heights.